Record month of heat

South Carolina may never forget August 2007.

Sweltering August temperatures in York County have already set several records, and the month is now on pace to be the warmest August ever recorded, according to National Weather Service data. The average this month -- determined by averaging all the highs and lows -- is 84.4 degrees, compared to the record of 81.9 set in 1900.

Meteorologist John Tomko said only an unexpected, drastic change will reverse the trend.

"I hate to say the record is in the bag, but it looks like it," he said. "With only nine days left, it will be hard to shave off any points, even if it gets cool and comfortable."

The average high temperature in the Charlotte region is 88 degrees in August, according to the weather service. This year, the average high is 97.5 degrees, and temperatures have been above 90 for 23 straight days. The record is 33 days.

Weather data shows this month may also become the driest August on record. Only .01 inches of rain has fallen since Aug. 1, compared to the record low of .61 inches in 1972.

Tomko said records are falling in other areas of the state, too. In the Greenville-Spartanburg area, this month, with an 85.5 degree average, will be remembered as the hottest of any month since weather data has been recorded, he said.

The all-time hottest month in York County was July 1993, with a 24-hour average of 85.5 degrees. And this month may challenge the all-time mark.

"We'll need 100-degree days," Tomko said. "But we've got an outside shot at it."

Today and Friday will see highs in the upper 90s, Tomko said, with weekend highs settling in the low to mid-90s. Only a slight chance of rain is projected.

-- Adam O'Daniel