York man accused of one-night crime spree

YORK -- A York man has been charged with burglarizing 32 cars during what authorities say was a one-night crime spree.

Johnnie Raymond Westbery, 26, of 2383 Justin Drive was charged Wednesday with malicious injury to personal property; four counts of grand larceny; seven counts of petty larceny; and 32 counts of breaking and entering motor vehicles, according to a press release issued from the York County Sheriff's Office.

"It is very unusual for one person to break into this many cars," Lt. Rusty Helms said. "Normally, we have one person break into four to five cars, but 32 is excessive. He was on a crime spree."

Westbery's arrest stems from multiple burglaries that happened off U.S. 321 between York and Clover in the Filbert area last Sunday night into Monday morning, Helms said.

"He would park his van up the street and get out on foot," Helms said about Westbery. "Then, he walked from car to car, house to house."

Then Westbery would get back in his van and drive about five to 10 minutes to pick out other targets as "he worked his way toward Clover," Helms said.

Reports from York County Sheriff's Office show authorities responded to multiple homes. In one case, items were removed from a glove box and placed on the seat and floor, but nothing was taken from the unlocked vehicle. In another case, a purse, some coins and a child's swimming trunks were taken from a locked car.

Some vehicles were excessively damaged, Helms said. Westbery's loot included two handguns, a laptop computer, wallets, CDs and a checkbook, Helms said.

But no one saw the man as he worked from car to car, Helms said. However, when the man used a stolen ATM card at Family Trust credit union in York, his image was caught on tape and he was later identified as Westbery, Helms said.

A pistol was stolen from Marvin Deas' truck.

"It was the one night we didn't lock our vehicles," Deas of York said. "We live in a neighborhood where everybody knows everyone. It's real quiet. There's never been a problem before."

Westbery remained in jail Friday at the York County Detention Center. Bond had not been set.