Band's tribute to 9-11 heroes gains audience

A local pastor wants his band's song in honor of fallen firefighters, soldiers and police officers to be heard by those who lost a loved one in 9-11 and other tragedies.

Vision Ministries' band Vision! started working on "No Greater Love" in 2001 after 9-11, and a version recorded this week received airtime and consideration Tuesday -- the sixth anniversary of the attacks -- from WRHI-AM radio of Rock Hill and a couple of other area radio stations, said band member Len Mitchum.

"We wrote it to pay tribute to all those involved mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally," he said. "We felt so bad. Our hearts went out to the many, many people that were involved, and we just wanted to do something. So, we wrote this song to help in our small way."

Mitchum and his wife, Mamie, both are pastors at Vision Ministries Church in Rock Hill. They wrote "No Greater Love," which has been heard at church events, online and on TV before being released on the radio this week, he said.

Bonita Perry, administrative assistant at WRHI, said "No Greater Love" aired twice Tuesday during the morning show, and the song received several positive calls.

"We worked hard on the song. The recognition is exciting," Mitchum said. "Our goal is to get this CD into the hands of those who lost a loved one. If I had the means and money, I would send it to every family member that's lost someone."

This song also is a reality for Mitchum, whose son, Jason Reddick, is a Rock Hill firefighter, and whose son-in-law, Chuck Bundrick, is serving in the Navy in Afghanistan.

"There is no greater love than a man laying down his life for his friends, and this was portrayed so well by the heroes of 9-11," Mitchum said.

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