Police to patrol during funeral for victim of gang-related shooting

YORK -- The York Police Department will have extra cars cruising near today's funeral for a 19-year-old who was killed during a gang-related shooting, police said.

"We've been asked to keep a close check on the area," York Police Capt. Tommy Jenkins said. "We're not going to go down there and sit, but we'll be in the area."

Police believe a street fight between two York gangs -- the Cali Boys and the Valley Boys -- triggered Tuesday night's shooting. Dawud Chester, a member of the Valley Boys, was fatally shot.

Wounded was Lorraine Shannon, 33, who police say is associated with the Cali Boys. He remains in fair condition at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Police have not charged anyone with Chester's killing or the wounding of Shannon. However, multiple arrest warrants are expected to be issued early next week, York Police Chief Bill Mobley said. He declined to comment further.

Some people in the neighborhood fear retaliation after the incident, Mobley said.

"We've had information since Wednesday that there's going to be retaliation because of the shootings," Mobley said. "We're making preparations in case something happens. We're prepared to deal with it."

Police have stepped up their presence along the California Street area and in The Valley, both of which are within minutes of downtown York. Six to eight police cars will be near the funeral site this afternoon, Mobley said.

"Everybody is subject to be called in," he said. "Our main concern is safety. We are not going to let a group of individuals run wild in the streets with guns. We're not going to tolerate it."