Woman sues Chester over land sale

CHESTER -- A Chester County woman is suing the city of Chester over what she claims was an illegal sale of her property.

The lawsuit, which was filed last month, alleges that the city of Chester auctioned off Veronica Boulware's land to a Charlotte man in November 2005 after she didn't pay her 2004 city taxes on the property.

The lawsuit doesn't specify if Boulware was living on the property when it was sold.

But that sale was illegal, the lawsuit claims, because the "proper notices, in the proper form, at the proper time, and by proper way of delivery, were not issued to the necessary parties or parties of record required by South Carolina law."

Chester Mayor Mitch Foster said he was aware of the lawsuit and referred questions to the city's attorney, April Counterman.

Counterman declined to comment about the case but said she planned to file court papers in response to the lawsuit.

Boulware's attorney, Milton Hamilton, said he could not comment on the matter without the consent of his client, whom he could not reach last week.

The Herald could not reach Boulware for comment.

The land was purchased by Ken Marsh of Charlotte, according to the lawsuit. Marsh, who is also named as a defendant in the suit, could not be reached for comment.

Among the reasons why the sale was improper, the suit claims, is that the city did not give Boulware 12 months from the date of the sale to buy back the property.

The city also failed to send a final redemption notice to Founders Federal Credit Union, which still holds Boulware's mortgage on the land, according to court documents.

The city didn't correctly advertise the sale of the property, the lawsuit states.

Boulware hopes the court will void the tax sale and cancel the deed issued to Marsh, according to the lawsuit.