Suspect in killing denied bond

YORK -- The York man police say fatally shot a member of the Valley Boys gang during a shooting earlier this month will remain in jail, officials said.

Judge Michael Nettles of the 12th Circuit in Florence denied bond for Antonio Maurice Mobley, 25, of 13 Rosewood Lane during a hearing Thursday at the Moss Justice Center in York.

Mobley faces several felony charges, including murder, in connection with the shooting death of Dawud Chester on California Street on Sept. 11. Also wounded during the incident was Lorraine Shannon, 33, who police say is linked to the Cali Boys, a rival gang.

Monquarius Antonio Duncan, Mobley's cousin who was reared as his brother, was given a $35,000 bond and a 6 p.m. curfew by Nettles.

"There is to be no loitering in the street and no contact with the opposing gang," Nettles said.

Duncan, 19, of York had been arrested after the shooting on previous charges. He faces criminal conspiracy and assault with a concealed weapon from an unrelated case, said 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett.

Police contend that Duncan was involved in fights that erupted into a shooting earlier this month on California Street. While police believe Duncan was not armed, police reports note Mobley had a gun that fell out of his pocket.

"Mr. Mobley said he was at the location where Mr. Chester was shot and that he (Mobley) was armed with a Hi-point 45 caliber pistol," Brackett said during court. "He fired one shot in the air, and then he fired several other shots."

Mobley shot Chester in the back with a .45-caliber handgun, according to arrest warrants. The warrants state Shannon was shot in both legs.

However, Melvin Roberts, attorney for Mobley and Duncan, read a document in which Shannon identified the person who shot him.

"Someone other than the defendant shot Lorraine Shannon," Roberts said during court. "The person Mr. Shannon said shot him is still running loose."

Roberts declined to release that person's name.

Mobley's weapon was not found at the scene. Police say they recovered five shells from the scene they believe match the kind of weapon Mobley had.

Mobley's father, Silas Mobley, asked Nettles to consider bond for Antonio Mobley as Chester's family looked on. Chester's mother did not speak, but his girlfriend asked Nettles to deny bond.

"He didn't get to start his life," Kimberly Harris said about Chester. "This is hurtful for everyone."

The car of Mobley's sister was vandalized on Wednesday night, Brackett said. The windshield was broken and the word "die" was spray painted in red on the car, he said.

"It does speak very clearly to the sense of restitution, the feeling of animosity between the groups," Nettles said.

That animosity has ushered fear for some, Brackett said.

"The state is concerned about retaliation and counter-retaliation," he said. "This is an extremely dangerous situation. What's going on in the communities right now is extremely troubling ... potentially explosive."

If neither man waives his preliminary hearing, their first court date could come in mid-November, Deputy Solicitor Willy Thompson said. Both men remained in custody Thursday night at Moss Justice Center.