When the Busick family came to town

Every once in awhile, a person or persons arrive in a village or city and bring to the inhabitants new knowledge, new understanding and a joy that sometimes is impossible to describe. These people are kind and become just one of the folks with little or no effort. It is clear that they care about the place and the people who live there.

Such was the case when The Rev. Wilson Busick and his family arrived here. His first pastorate was Uriel Presbyterian Church, and then he began to serve Fishing Creek Presbyterian, where his name became a part of that history-laden place.

Wilson had been a minister in a Connecticut church for more than 20 years. However, he and his wife, Jessie, were Southerners, and they eagerly returned to the "promised land" upon Wilson's retirement.

They built a home on the old Rodman farm, the home place where Jessie Rodman and her two sisters, Willie and Hamilton, played as children. It was there that she and Wilson built the house that incorporated an indoor swimming pool right off the kitchen, which served as the focal point at a party on Sept. 9 that celebrated Wilson's 80th birthday.

Weighted balloons floated across the blue water, heralding the birthday gentleman. A colorful parrot named Birdie sat to one side in his elegant white cage and observed in silent appreciation.

Guests sauntered carelessly around the pool's edge, and those prone to gambling were making bets as to how soon and who would take the first accidental plunge. The betting was to no avail. People walked, talked and ate, and no one slipped, and the balloons and water remained ripple-free.

The surrounding gardens were backdrops for tables that seated four to six, all covered in bright plaids with yellow and hot pink overlays. Lou Watt's 30 or more magnificent flower arrangements adorned every table, including four long fashionable centerpieces for the head table, the cake table and the 8-foot-long service tables.

The whole area was a sea of brightness, telling all that a life of giving and caring was being celebrated The weatherman, too, took notice of this grand event and delivered a day of cool breezes and accommodating temperatures in the 80s, an amazing feat for early September in South Carolina.

As the more than 150 guests arrived, they were greeted by the gentle voices of the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church Choir members as they sang hymns that filled the musical heart of the birthday celebrant.

Then the Rev. James Platt, the current pastor at Fishing Creek, sang in perfect voice "The Lords Prayer." It was a gift for Wilson from a friend who treasures the time spent with this 80-year-old gentleman from whom he has gained profound religious insight and a generous understanding and admiration for human nature.

When everyone had eaten and "Happy Birthday" had been sung, quiet descended on the crowd, and the pure country music of Pappy Watts and his musicians, Bill Faulkenberry, Warren Lathrope and his son, Colin, along with John Barber, played songs that all of us remembered and hymns that took us back to our childhood. The old Rodman farm was bathed in classical country music played by men who are well known to all of us who attend barbecues, fish frys, weddings and other varied social events.

September 9 was a day that commemorated the joyous life of this gentle man. All of our best wishes to you, Wilson Busick, our friend, our mentor and our pastor.