York man's arrest linked to at least 30 area burglaries

YORK -- A York man has been linked to at least 30 burglaries around York County in the past month where only prescription pain pills were stolen, authorities said.

Bryant Edward Bolin, 18, turned himself in after witness accounts and vehicle descriptions led York County sheriff's deputies to the area of two homes broken into Monday morning.

Authorities accuse Bolin of breaking into those houses Monday, in addition to at least 28 more in preceding weeks. He surrendered to a deputy who was also a family friend, said York County Sheriff's Lt. Rusty Helms.

Bolin has been charged with 30 second-degree burglary and several petty larceny counts, but Helms said he expects at least five or six more burglary charges to follow after further investigation.

In a written statement, Bolin confessed to burglaries in rural areas of York, Sharon, McConnells and some that border Rock Hill, Helms said.

Bolin of 930 Sandifer Road is accused of breaking into houses through a door or window and stealing only prescription pain medication.

"If he couldn't find any, he didn't take anything," Helms said.

Bolin doesn't have a prior criminal record, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

"Desperate people do desperate things," Helms said. "I guess he was desperate for medication."

During the past three weeks, Helms said there's been a burglary almost every day.

"It took a lot of effort to catch him," Helms said. "We had to give our full attention to this for weeks, it took our attention from other cases."

Bolin is being held at Moss Justice Center awaiting a bond hearing on these charges.