Five things parents should know about Adequate Yearly Progress:

What happens if my child's school does not meet AYP?

If your school is not a Title I school, nothing necessarily happens. If your school is a Title I school in which any demographic groups missed AYP in the same subject for two years, parents have the option of transferring their child somewhere else. If the school does not meet AYP for a third year, the school will make extra learning opportunities available.

Where can I move my child?

The school district likely will provide parents with two options of schools that did meet AYP. Parents will get a letter notifying them of the options once a decision about the schools is made.

Do AYP results affect college admissions?

No. College admissions offices look at a variety of things, including a student's grades, class rank and extracurricular activities.

Does not meeting AYP mean a school is failing?

No. The word "failing" does not even appear in the legislation. AYP is designed to hold schools accountable for making progress each year and to show them where more progress needs to be made.

How can I find out how my school did?

Visit www.heraldonline.com for a list of schools that met and did not meet AYP or visit www.ed.sc.gov for a detailed look at the results.