Grice reclaims post from Burris in reversal of 2005 Clover vote

CLOVER -- Clover Mayor Donnie Burris fell to challenger Donnie Grice on Tuesday in a rematch of the 2005 mayoral race.

Grice, the town's former mayor, edged out Burris by capturing 306 votes to the incumbent's 272, according to unofficial results released Tuesday by the York County Registration and Elections Office. There were two write-ins.

Tuesday's results were much closer than the 2005 election, when the same two sparred for the seat and Grice lost to Burris by 74 votes.

Although the race was close, elections director Wanda Hemphill said she doesn't anticipate a recount.

Grice, a Clover native who served two terms as mayor before falling to Burris in 2005, said he wasn't surprised at the win this year. He said his campaign worked hard and talked to too many people for defeat to be an option.

Although disappointed about the loss, Burris conceded that Grice worked hard this year.

"I guess the citizens of Clover have spoken," he said. "It's been a tremendous pleasure for me to serve as mayor for this time. This is the greatest little town in America as far as I'm concerned, and it's been an honor."

Burris believes recent accusations on his vote to increase taxes earlier this year probably cost him the election.

Burris said he plans to remain active in the town and attend meetings to ensure that Grice lives up to his promises.

Grice will be sworn in as the new mayor at Monday's Town Council meeting.

Meanwhile, he plans to talk with the council to get up to date on town issues, he said.

"I'm excited," Grice said during a victory celebration at the Rose Garden in Clover. "I'm ready to get back in there and dig back in and get things back on track."

About 26 percent of Clover voters went to the polls Tuesday.

Clover's mayor serves a two-year term and receives $4,000 annually.