Dr. Bi-Lo, at your service

Ailing shoppers might appreciate Super Bi-Lo's Wellspot, a medical clinic staffed with nurse practitioners trained to diagnose common illnesses.

The clinic inside the new store, provides diagnosis and treatment for ailments such as flu, common colds, skin rashes, bronchitis, strep throat and pink eye. The clinic also provides physicals, immunizations and health screenings.

All Wellspot services are available without an appointment, and the clinic sees patients without insurance for a basic exam fee of $49. Most major insurance plans also are accepted.

"We can help people who may not have a medical home," said Roseanne Flippen, a Wellspot spokeswoman. "It's a great service for moms with young children with a busy schedule. You can come in and get a prescription, fill it at the pharmacy, pick up some chicken soup or Pedialyte and be on your way -- a one-stop shop."