Water bill splits S.C. Congressmen

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Joe Wilson voted for it before he voted against it.

Rep. Gresham Barrett voted against it -- three times -- then said he was glad to see it become law.

Sen. Jim DeMint branded it a shameful example of pork-barrel spending, but Sen. Lindsey Graham said it was crucial to South Carolina's infrastructure.

The Water Resources Development Act of 2007 will be recorded as the first measure to be enacted by Congress over a veto by President Bush.

Before those veto-override votes in the House and Senate last week, the bill twisted the SC.. congressional delegation and revealed rifts among its six Republican members.

Nationwide, the measure authorizes $23.2 billion for 900 projects.

The big-ticket items in South Carolina are Rep. Jim Clyburn's $60 million initiative to provide cleaner drinking water for Lake Marion area residents and Rep. John Spratt's $25 million effort to mitigate flooding near the Lake Wallace reservoir in Marlboro County.

Texas' ultraconservative Gov. stumps for Giuliani

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry sought to sell Iowa Republicans on Rudy Giuliani on Monday, saying he's confident the former New York mayor would appoint Supreme Court judges to overturn legalized abortion.

"If you're trying to find the perfect candidate, we haven't grown him or her yet," Perry said as he opened a two-day campaign swing across eastern Iowa. "They aren't out there."

Perry casts himself as "the most pro-life governor in Texas history."

Republican rivals make promises to vets, families

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The United States should link veterans' education benefits to inflation, speed laboratory developments to the battlefield and guarantee soldiers' children will always receive inexpensive in-state tuition rates, Republican Mitt Romney said Monday in commemorating Veterans Day.

Republican rival John McCain, a prisoner of war during Vietnam, walked a parade route in South Carolina and said he could look vets in the eye and say, "I will never let you down."