Councilman to present waste-to-energy plan

Turning trash into energy will be the topic of York County Councilman Roy Blake's presentation during a town hall meeting next week at Clinton Junior College library in Rock Hill.

This slide-show presentation on waste-to-energy, scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, details more than a year of research completed by the councilman.

"It's to let the public, especially the people in my district, know about issues that we're working on with waste," Blake said.

In a waste-to-energy facility, garbage is burned at super-high temperatures and used to produce anything from electricity to road pavement.

Council members visited a waste-to-energy facility during the summer at the urging of retired engineer Chet Miller, who brought the concept to the attention of county leaders this year. Miller also is a member of the Solid Waste Citizen's Committee, created to take an objective look at the controversial solid waste plan.

This event is not council-sponsored, nor is it affiliated with the work of the Solid Waste Citizen's committee, which is charged with recommending alternatives for York County's solid waste plan.

The group, made up of 14 community members appointed by area chambers of commerce and schools, was supposed to start looking at the plan Wednesday during its third meeting, but not enough committee members were present.

York County Manager Jim Baker is optimistic the committee will pick up speed on revamping the plan soon.

Blake said he hopes the committee's recommendation will incorporate waste-to-energy ideas.