Hundreds of teachers in S.C. earn national board certification

Hundreds of South Carolina teachers recently became nationally board certified, including many from local districts.

Getting certified requires teachers to go through a two-part process over a period of one to three years.

Teachers prepare portfolios with videotapes of classroom teaching, lesson plans, student work samples and reflective essays.

They also are tested on how well they know the material in their subject areas and how well they know how to teach that material.

Pay increase

Nationally board certified teachers get an extra $7,500 annually from the state for the 10 years their certificates are good.

To date, their are 5,729 nationally board certified teachers in South Carolina, including the 650 who just got certified.

South Carolina has the second-highest percentage of nationally board certified teachers in its schools.

Rock Hill has the seventh-most nationally board certified teachers in the state.

Here are the names of local teachers who recently achieved national board certification:

• Chester: Diane Brown, Sharon Craddock, Susan Kovas, Julia Rowsam, Victoria Sechrist and Charlotte Shannon

• Clover: Merna Ahlemeyer, Mary Allen, Cheryl Allran, Cathy Brooks, Patricia Earle, Elizabeth Eaton, Jennifer Forrest, Tammy Hullender, Josie Jamison, Katherine Key, Joni Luther, Ashley Moore, Julie Moser, Amy Moss, Pamela Olivieri, Alice Stein, Shelly Strauss, Rebekah Strawn, Gladys Vaughan, Hilda Williams and Deborah Wingard

• Fort Mill: Gina Barksdale, Melissa Black, Virginia Buchanan, Darren Ciotoli, Angela Cossin, Faye Donohue, Patricia Given, Marjorie Grooms-Anderson, Michelle Mantz, Jennifer Olinger, Jolie Palmer, Cathy Pickens, Julie Raischel, Lynn Redmon, Elizabeth Reese, Angela Smith, Amanda Stevens, Richard Warner and Jocelyn Young

• Rock Hill: Susan Barnette, Melissa Burroughs, Cassie Cagle, James Chrismon, Julie Collins, Jane Daffin, Kristina Deibert, Debra Demarest, Jermaine Evans, Jocquin Fuller, Kelly Gainey, Ashley Ghent, Heather Giles, Bonnie Harris, Joya Holmes, Betty Jordan, Kristen Kaney, Joe Koon, Andrew Majors, Julia McCallum, Tracy Mitchell, Kimberly Nordin, Ina Pascal and Roma Stutts

• York: Jane Guerry, Donna Langford and La Toya Lowry