2nd week of weight loss gets challenging

I went into Friday's weigh-in petrified that I had gained weight.

I hadn't.

I lost 1pound this week, bringing my total weight loss to 5 pounds in two weeks.

For those of you following us on the Weighing In blog, you already know I have a weakness for Mexican food. It's not even a weakness really, I am kind of a junkie.

I gave in to temptation twice this week, once during a 9 p.m. trip to El Cancun the night before the weigh in. This time, I did manage to pass on the chips and went with fajitas for dinner, which let me control how much of the extras I ate.

One pound might not seem like that much, but to me, it's progress. I worked out Monday through Friday this week, spending time on the elliptical trainer and the treadmill. That's a lot of minutes I could have been sleeping.

I talked with Lu Reeves, director of the local YMCA Wellness Center, this morning about how much weight I can expect to lose. She said most people shouldn't expect to see more than 2 pounds a week coming off. One to 2 pounds is good progress, she said.

Reeves also told me that it isn't uncommon for people to lose weight faster at the very beginning of an exercise and diet program. That's because you might have more to lose, and also because you are making the jump from doing nothing to doing something for your health.

So, if you're like me and you went running out of the gate but lost a little less this week, don't worry. We are still on track.

As for me? I'm going to try to make it through a weekend visit from my college buddies without falling completely off the wagon.

Adam O'Daniel

Who says you can't eat pizza and lose weight? Not this guy. I lost 3 more pounds this week, despite a mid-week splurge, for a total of 6 pounds in two weeks. My goal of 15 pounds is well within reach.

Here's my confession: During Wednesday's Winthrop basketball game, the row I was sitting on won a cheese pizza from the Eagle cheerleaders. This is a rare occurrence, so, of course, I ate two delicious pieces. (I was also reminded by Robert Hope, who sits a few rows behind me, that I am on a diet. Maybe telling the whole town about my plans to eat healthy wasn't the best idea.)

Anyway, the pizza followed an already sufficient dinner at home and some leftover Christmas cookies at lunch. But I took some advice from Herald assistant city editor Jason Foster, who contends you can splurge once in awhile if you counter with a low calorie meal the next time. So I behaved Thursday, sticking to a lean lunch and two hours of basketball that evening.

It paid off. I lost 3 pounds this week. I told my wife last night, and I've blogged about it this week, too, that I'm not trying to lose weight quickly but rather learn to live healthier while still eating some of my favorite foods. So far, so good. I also worked out five times this week, mostly pickup basketball at the YMCA.

My goal this week is to survive the weekend without falling off the wagon. I have plans to tailgate before the Winthrop-Coastal basketball game tonight, so I need to stay away from too many chips and cheeseburgers. Maybe I can grill a chicken breast instead.