What York County voters said

Voters from across York County shared their choices with The Herald on Saturday. Here's a sampling:

"He's got a better view of both sides of the fence. ... He can see both sides of each issue. That's one of my main reasons for voting for him."

-- Obama supporter Angela Nance, 41, a homemaker who lives in York

"I went yesterday to hear her. I really liked her talk about health insurance. She's fighting for it. And all these veterans coming home, she wants to make sure they're taken care of. She's a smart lady."

-- Clinton supporter Mary Massey, 73, a retired Springs Industries employee who lives in Fort Mill

"I won't vote for Hillary. ... And I just don't think Obama has what it takes, so I'm picking Edwards, almost by default. He does have some good characteristics, though, and he'll be a good leader."

-- Edwards supporter Cecilia Carson, 44, who lives in Lake Wylie

"I seen him at Northwestern, and I was kind of convinced then. But I wasn't 100 percent until I went to God in prayer. The final decision was today."

-- Obama supporter Calvin Belton, 46, a Methodist minister who lives in Rock Hill

"Edwards hasn't gotten all caught up with all the mudslinging like the other two. I want someone who runs a campaign based on the facts, on their records, not what the other person's doing wrong."

-- Edwards supporter Gregg MacLauren, 40, who lives in Lake Wylie

"As much as I'm a female, I kind of agree it's hard to be the agent of change when you're married to the past. I heard that from a pundit and I'm like, 'That's so true.'"

-- Obama supporter Darcy Pullman, 36, a senior sales executive who lives in Fort Mill

"I liked his talk on issues like health care reform and Social Security and stuff for old people."

-- Obama supporter Toinette Thrower, 37, an assembly worker who lives in York

"The fact that he's an African-American shows some of the progress our country has made. A lot more progress has yet to be made. He represents something new, both in Washington and for our country."

-- Obama supporter Justin Cohen, 23, a probation officer who lives in Rock Hill and met Obama while interning in Washington, D.C.

"I have to say I think our country is in need of a change and I definitely think we need a Democratic president. I like his ideas and he gets me excited. He just speaks for our generation I think."

-- Obama supporter Katie Garahan, 20, a college student who drove home to Rock Hill to vote from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, N.C.