Witness recounts customer's shooting

Marsha Boyd put a dozen chicken nuggets in a toaster oven. It was the lunch she never got to eat Thursday after a gunman shot a woman twice at Cash on the Spot.

Around 12:40 p.m., a man walked in and sat down at the Western Union counter.

"I thought he was filing out a wire transfer paper," said Boyd, who has managed the business for nearly nine years.

About five minutes later, 42-year-old Ida Neal Lord walked in.

"She came in and I started talking to her about a Western Union," Boyd said.

Lord walked over to the counter, where the man was sitting, to complete a form for a return on a wire transfer she had previously done. When she returned to the counter with the form, she did not have enough numbers, Boyd said.

"She was standing there, and we were talking," Boyd said. "That's when he came up. It was fast. He came up and grabbed her around the neck."

Then the man shot Lord.

"I saw the gun go off," Boyd said. "I thought her head was on fire. I saw the fire, and I smelled it. She went down, and he said, 'Give me all the money in the drawer.'"

Then man tried to stick the gun under a slide tray, where Boyd would normally slide money back and forth to customers.

"That's when I ran behind the desk," an emotional Boyd said.

She screamed for a co-worker, who was in the back of the building, and dialed 911. While Boyd worried if the bullet could reach her through bullet proof glass, she also was concerned about Lord laying in the floor.

"I was worried about her," she said. "I never even heard the second shot."

Then she heard the store doorbell -- a signal that alerts clerks when customers enter or leave the business.

"I knew the guy had gone out," she said. "I looked from behind the desk and saw him walking."

On Friday, 24 hours after the shooting, Boyd remained stunned.

"Before he shot her, he didn't give me a chance to give him the money," she said. "He didn't even say anything. I would have given him the money."

A man who entered Rock Hill's Saltwater Seafood Market about 7 p.m. demanded money and shot the woman who gave him $300.

He is described as a teenager or man in his early 20s, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 170 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, according to the Rock Hill police report. He was wearing a blue bandana and dark blue zip-up hoodie. The report states the man had the hood up and used a silver revolver handgun to shoot the woman twice. He grabbed a money jar on the counter before fleeing on foot.

The man who shot a customer at Cash on the Spot on South Cherry Road in Rock Hill before 1 p.m. Thursday is described as wearing dark clothing with a white do-rag on his head, according to the York County Sheriff's Office report. No further details of the shooter's appearance were on the report.

Prior to the shooting, the suspect sat at the counter by the front door, according to the report. In a security video from the store, the man covers his face with paper, using his right hand.

After the shooting, the suspect ran across a parking lot, the report said.

The man shot a clerk at John Boy's Valero on Spratt Street in Fort Mill and the former mayor of Fort Mill around 8:30 p.m. He also shot after he obtained money.

The Fort Mill police report says the shooter was 6 feet 2 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes with a goatee. It estimates the man's age between 23 and 28. In a security video from the store, the man makes a motion to cover his face and then is seen covering his face with paper using his left hand. After the shooting, the suspect fled on foot, according to the report