York teen charged in assault at school

YORK -- A 15-year-old York Junior High School student faces charges after police say he punched a classmate in the eye, rupturing the classmate's eye socket and leading to a concussion.

The male student, whose name was not available Thursday, was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and public disorderly conduct after an incident at the school Wednesday, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report.

Around 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Tracy Cantrall of Smyrna said her son was called out of an English class concerning a mess left during lunch in the cafeteria at the school.

When the ninth-grader returned to class, the 15-year-old asked why he was taken out of class, the report notes. Cantrall's son told his classmate to mind his own business, according to the report, prompting a verbal confrontation.

Cantrall took issue with the report, saying there was no verbal confrontation between the two.

"He was sitting at his desk," Cantrall said about her son. "There were no words."

Cantrall said the punch caused her son's head to hit the wall.

"It was like a solid blow," she said.

The teen lost consciousness after the blow, the report states. He suffered a concussion, a broken eye socket and a damaged tooth, according to the report.

On Thursday, Cantrall said her son had blurred vision in his left eye. He is slated for surgery to repair bones near his left eye and to reconstruct his eye socket, she said. He also has trouble eating because a tooth was injured during the incident, his mother said.

While the report states Cantrall's son was punched after he threw something at the 15-year-old, Cantrall said her son "doesn't get in trouble" and he did not throw anything.

Matt Brown, York school district assistant superintendent, said the 15-year-old who's charged was not in class Thursday as school officials investigated.

"Once the investigation is completed, a decision will be made on the correct way to handle this matter," Brown said.

District policy mandates suspension for students until ongoing investigations are complete. Probe results could lead up to expulsion, Brown said.