Son held former judge, wife hostage in home, police say

LOWRYS -- Former Chester Judge Carl Glenn and his wife, Sylvia, were found unharmed late Sunday afternoon after being held hostage in their home by their son since the night before.

Their son, Joshua Alberdean Glenn, 21, was being held on two counts of kidnapping Sunday night at the Chester County Detention Center. He was awaiting a mental evaluation, Chester County Sheriff Robby Benson said Sunday night.

About a mile stretch of Old York Road in front of the Glenn's home was blocked off by the S.C. Highway Patrol for about 5 1/2 hours Sunday afternoon while the Sheriff's Office SWAT team surrounded the house, located at 1399 Old York Road. A SWAT team, psychiatrist and negotiator from the State Law Enforcement Division also were called to the scene.

Former Judge Glenn, a reverend and longtime elder in the Chester church community, stood dazed in his bathrobe surrounded by about 20 law enforcement cars and trucks after his release at about 4:30 p.m. He was taken to Chester Regional Medical Center for blood pressure problems. Hospital officials would not release his condition.

The long night began, Benson said, when the son locked the family inside the house and kept the keys. Another family member managed to leave Sunday morning, but Benson said he wasn't sure how she did it. She went straight to the Sheriff's Office.

"He had a weapon in the house and wouldn't let them leave," Benson said. There were two shotguns in the house, he added.

Chester residents saw numerous police cars with flashing lights racing down S.C. 9, according to Chester Councilwoman Betty Bagley. Bagley said Glenn had been a city judge for about two years and resigned a couple of years ago.

Officers convinced someone the younger Glenn knew to call him and arrange a meeting, Benson said. When the young man went upstairs to take a shower, his parents found the keys and escaped, the sheriff said.

Officers captured the suspect when he left the house on a bicycle, Benson said.

The parents later told law enforcement that their son did not threaten them but just would not let them leave, the sheriff said.

"He said he was trying to protect them," Benson said of the son. "We don't know from what."

Joshua Glenn had been a college student until his parents brought him home a couple of weeks ago, Benson said.