Clover High's Wright to take promotion to district office

CLOVER -- Clover High Principal Ron Wright soon will be moving to a new position as assistant superintendent for administrative services, the Clover School District announced Tuesday.

The move will follow the departure of Barbara Parrish, assistant superintendent for elementary education, who will retire in June. Wright will take over at the end of the school year.

Previous assistant superintendent posts were broken down by elementary and secondary grade levels, but when Wright assumes his new role, the positions will be divided by instruction and administrative responsibilities.

David Damm, currently the assistant superintendent for secondary education, will be in charge of the instructional aspects within the district. Wright will be responsible for administrative aspects such as attendance, expulsion, health services and events at the auditorium.

Superintendent Marc Sosne created the new roles in an effort to unify instructional efforts, he said.

"That will give us much better communication and articulation across our whole curriculum," he said.

Wright was the perfect candidate to take over the administrative end, Sosne said.

"He has proven himself to be a leader and an excellent educator," he said.

Wright came to Clover High School in 1975 as assistant band director. Since then, he has worked as band director, principal and assistant superintendent. He's been principal at Clover High for eight years.

"I've lived in the community for 32 years, so I definitely think that's a plus when it comes to handling discipline referrals and things like that," Wright said. "I have an extensive knowledge of kids and families and helping parents with problems that they have."

Wright said he's looking forward to shepherding the school district's strategic plan for the future, including the expansion of the current high school.

"I really like to look at large visionary things," he said. "That's really what I'm strongest at. To be able to help them with that is a real plus for me."

He'll miss the high school, though.

"I will, without questions, miss the action of the high school -- the students, the extracurricular activities and things like that that make up the daily coolness of being at a high school," he said.

District spokesman Greg Reid said the district will begin advertising for the high school principal post later this week.

"We have tough shoes to fill," Reid said. "Ron Wright is kind of an institution within himself over there at the high school."

Sosne said they will be looking for someone who can continue the progress Wright has brought.

"We're going to look for someone who really, more than anything, is going to show a commitment to the school and to the community because that's what a high school principal has to do," he said. "That's, frankly, what Mr. Wright exemplified."

The promotion won't affect Wright's salary, Reid said. Wright currently makes $110,725 a year, which also is what Parrish makes.