1 heart, 2 deaths -- by suicide

HILTON HEAD ISLAND -- When Terry Cottle killed himself more than 12 years ago, his heart lived on in former Hilton Head Island resident Sonny Graham.

Grateful for the transplant that saved his life, Graham wrote to thank the Cottle family. Through that correspondence, he met Cheryl Cottle, his donor's widow. Then the unexpected happened -- they fell in love and married.

Earlier this week, the unexpected happened again, when Graham's life ended the same way Terry Cottle's did.

On Tuesday, Graham took his own life at his home in Vidalia, Ga. He was 69.

Graham was found with a single gunshot wound to the throat, said Greg Harvey, a special agent working the case for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Graham's body was found in a utility building in his backyard and had used a shotgun, Harvey said. A medical examiner in Savannah, Ga., performed an autopsy Wednesday.