Board picks names for new schools

FORT MILL -- The naming of two new Fort Mill elementary schools slated to open in 2009 was short and sweet Monday night: Sugar Creek Elementary and Pleasant Knoll Elementary.

The names were approved unanimously by the Fort Mill school board.

Sugar Creek flows near the elementary school site formerly known as No. 6, located on a parcel beside Nation Ford High. The site eventually is expected to house a middle school.

Pleasant Knoll Elementary sits on a sloping lot off Pleasant Road.

It took the Fort Mill school board about a month to pin down names after hearing recommendations from a committee comprised of school district and community representatives.

The group had suggested Nation Ford Elementary School for No. 6 and Pleasant Road Elementary School for No. 7.

Second and third choices for No. 6 were Sugar Creek Elementary and Greenway Elementary.

Second and third choices for No. 7 were Pleasant Ridge Elementary and Northwest Elementary.

School board members sought names more scenic and indicative of the areas' geography. They asked Chuck Epps, a district assistant superintendent, to research name duplications in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and South Carolina.

Monday night, Epps returned committee recommendations of Greenway Elementary for No. 6 and Pleasant Knoll for No. 7. The name "Pleasant Knoll" previously had been suggested by a board member.

Board member Michael Johnson said "Greenway" might create postal problems, a concern some had had with "Nation Ford" for the elementary.

Without much ado or conversation, Johnson moved the schools be named Sugar Creek and Pleasant Knoll elementaries, and the board agreed.