Female inmate found dead in Rock Hill jail

A 45-year old inmate used a telephone cord Thursday morning to commit suicide in a Rock Hill jail cell, officials said.

Police discovered the body of Glenda Renee Childers of 127 Wood St. slumped against a wall with a telephone cord around her neck, according to a Rock Hill police report.

"This is an unfortunate situation (that) we're investigating closely," Rock Hill Police Chief John Gregory said in a statement.

An autopsy and toxicology test were completed Thursday, York County Coroner Doug McKown said.

Authorities had charged Childers with disorderly conduct around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Lt. Jerry Waldrop said. A police report notes that Childers had used alcohol.

Around 4:30 a.m., police discovered Childers in Cell 10 with the telephone cord around her neck, the report notes.

"All indications are she strangled herself," McKown said about preliminary autopsy results.

It's normal for inmates to have access to telephones, Waldrop said.

"There's a phone in every cell so inmates can make collect calls to family, lawyers, bondsmen or whoever they need to call," Waldrop said.

Authorities did not believe Childers was suicidal, Waldrop said.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the case in addition to the police department's internal investigation, the release notes.