Fire safety tips

Here's what fire officials say you should do to prepare for a fire:

• Practice fire drills, where family members exit the house.

• Establish a designated meeting place outside.

• Maintain a working smoke detector and change the battery twice a year, when daylight-saving and standard time begin.

• If thick smoke is outside your door, seek another way out. If not, crawl with a wet towel over your head.

• Maintain a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

• Investigate when you smell smoke or the fire alarm goes off. It could save your life.

• If your clothes catch on fire, don't run. Stop, drop and roll.

• Once you exit the house, stay out.

More fire safety tips:

• For those who live in a multiple-level homes, invest in a fire escape ladder and practice using it.

• Invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

• Keep portable heaters at least 5 feet from combustible materials.

• If you see sparks emerging from an outlet or electrical appliance, turn the breaker off.

• Avoid overloading electrical outlets.

• Don't use frayed or damaged electrical cords.

• Keep pot handles turned toward the stove.

• Keep pot lids nearby for fires that start in skillets or pots while cooking.

For more fire safety tips, call the Rock Hill Fire Prevention Division at 329-7227.

-- Tips provided by Battalion Chief Mark Simmons of the Rock Hill Fire Department, compiled by Toya Graham