Council to study new plan to redevelop Scout camp

The Girl Scouts are close to an agreement with local officials that will include their Lake Wylie Camp Catawbaw in a 1,430-acre development plan that had threatened to devalue its land.

Details are not available, but officials say the Girl Scouts' Hornets Nest Council should speak in favor of the plan -- which calls for offices, residential and mixed-use development around Lake Wylie -- at Monday's York County Council meeting.

Crescent Resources backed out of a deal to buy the Hornets Nest Council's 25-acre camp site near S.C. 274 and Campbell Road. After the sale fell though, Scout leaders say Crescent's request to rezone adjacent land left the camp with few options.

Lori Hurd, chief executive officer of the Hornets Nest Council, said the goal is to have an agreement to incorporate the camp site into the development plan by meeting time Monday.

To sell the land, the Girl Scouts initially requested to be rezoned the same as nearby property -- mixed-use, which allows hotels, restaurants and retail shops. But county officials say they don't want that type of development on waterfront property.

If the camp property isn't rezoned to mixed-use, Hurd said the land becomes less viable for development, and would not have traffic access from S.C. 274.

She said York County worked with the Girl Scouts to create a plan they both can agree on, but the other parties to the agreement -- Crescent Resources and Allison Creek Partners -- still have to sign off on it.

"I'd say we're very close," Hurd said.

York County Planning Director Susan Britt said the county worked out some issues with the Scouts, and they were talking to Allison Creek Partners to work out access from S.C. 274

"We have some minor questions to respond to still, but I feel we have resolved some of the issues, and they will be added to the agreement," Britt said.

The Hornets Nest Council, which covers eight counties in North and South Carolina, including York County, wants to use money from the sale of the camp toward upfitting a 700-acre site in Iredell County. Camp Catawbaw, with 2,500 feet of water frontage, likely will sell for $3 million or more, and other buyers are interested, Hurd has said.

The Girl Scouts planned to sell the camp and move to a new site because of the size of the property and the safety issues surrounding the new development.

York County Councilman Tom Smith said he thinks the zoning agreement works with the original plan, with mostly office and possibly some commercial uses.

"We're stressing protection of the lake," Smith said. "I'm glad the Girl Scouts came to the table and county staff was able to work things out. I was hoping that would take place from the start."

Monday's meeting was supposed to feature the final public hearing and vote on the plan by Allison Creek Partners and Crescent Resources to create office and low-density residential communities near Allison Creek with mixed-use districts surrounding it.

The amended project, including the Girl Scouts' property, could be presented to the council Monday if an agreement is reached, Britt said. There will be a public hearing, but a final vote will be delayed.

Two more Clover-area rezoning requests are planned related to the overall 2,300-acre Allison Creek Partners plan -- one at S.C. 274 and Allison Creek Road and the other at S.C. 557 and S.C. 49.