Winthrop puts cap on tuition increases

Officials at Winthrop University still aren't quite ready to ask students and families to get out their check books, but they are telling them the most tuition and fees could be for next school year.

The board of trustees on Tuesday approved maximum tuition and fee increases of 8.7 percent for off-campus students, 7.7 percent for in-state campus residents and 8 percent for out-of-state campus residents.

That means the price tag won't be more than that but could be less.

"I think within a few more days, we'll be able to shave a little more off," university spokeswoman Rebecca Masters said.

The board plans to approve final tuition and fees numbers next week.

Winthrop President Anthony DiGiorgio said the combination of a lack of funding from the state and the downturn in the economy has made it especially difficult to nail down costs for next year. The process has stretched on even longer than usual as university officials try to figure out how to pay for increases in faculty salaries, capital costs and increasing fuel and energy costs.

"We are very sensitive to what families are experiencing right now with the rising costs of everything," he said. "If we can bring that down at all ... we'd like to bring it down as much as we can."

The latest changes mean out-of-state students could pay up to $10,345 a semester if they live off campus or $13,415 if they live on campus.

In-state students could be asked to fork over up to $5,549 per semester if they live off campus, or $8,619 if they live on.

The only fees not included in those numbers are a $25 library fee for sophomores through seniors and $20 for students who rent post office boxes on campus.

Rates for room and board were set in April.

Winthrop tuition

Winthrop University capped tuition for next semester; however, the rates could end up being lower. Winthrop officials say the highest tuition and fees could be is:

• $5,549: In-state, off-campus students;

• $10,345: Out-of-state off-campus students;

• $8,619: In-state, on-campus students; and

• $13,415: Out-of-state, on-campus students.