News In Brief - August 15, 2008

Channel changes coming to Comporium cable TV

Comporium Communications will introduce channel changes Sept. 12 to maintain similar channel groupings, according to the company.

CN2 Xtra, formerly Tri County 14, will move from channel 14 to 3, WGN will move from Channel 67 to 14, TV Guide will move from Channel 3 to 16 and C-SPAN will move from Channel 16 to 17.

Comporium also will start updating the Basic Plus service to 100 percent digital. The upgrade will allow the addition of more channels and high-quality digital picture and sound.

For information, visit www.comporium.com/res/cabletv.

-- Arthur Takahashi

Hopewell Day set for Aug. 20

The 91st annual Hopewell Day Picnic and Gospel Singing will be Aug. 20 at the old Hopewell Schoolhouse, located off S.C. 97 outside Hickory Grove.

The singing will begin at 10 a.m. with the groups Chapelettes of Gaffney, Hamptons of Blacksburg and Riverside Boys of Lockhart.

The public is invited.

-- Arthur Takahashi

Myrtle Beach gets list of options on bike rallies

MYRTLE BEACH -- Myrtle Beach City Council has been given 33 pages of options to curtail motorcycle rallies.

City Council raised property taxes to pay for studies on getting rid of the 10-day Harley-Davidson spring rally in the middle of May, which attracts mostly white bikers. They also want to get rid of the five-day Atlantic Beach Bikefest around Memorial Day, which attracts black bikers.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reports one option given the council Tuesday was to create infractions, rather than crimes, for some problems bikers cause.

Councilman Randal Wallace says he's worried about creating an administrative court that could accept hearsay testimony.

Several council members worry about the possibility of closing bars at 2 a.m. and imposing a youth curfew in the tourist city.

Schools chief to start school year with tour

COLUMBIA -- The head of South Carolina's schools will start the academic year by touring classrooms and calling on lawmakers to revamp how they fund public education.

Superintendent Jim Rex was to announce Thursday the schedule of his back-to-school tour.

Rex said the current funding system is incomprehensible and unfair. He will push for a complete overhaul.

He said the 3 percent budget cuts approved earlier this week because of the economic downturn emphasize the need for reform. The ordered cuts hit education hardest, tallying more than $73 million.