Colors of the World

Alumni Drive on the Winthrop University campus recently got an international look.

Country flags are flying on both sides of the street between Cherry Road and Johnson Hall, representing the countries of international students who have graduated from Winthrop.

The flags went up two weeks ago.

"Winthrop prides itself on diversity on its campus," said Walter Hardin, associate vice president for facilities management at Winthrop. "We are proud of our international student population and how Winthrop attracts students from all over the world."

There are 56 flags flying in alphabetical order by country from Cherry Road to Johnson Hall. More will be hung throughout the upcoming academic year, Hardin said.

Chris Zhou, a Winthrop student from China, said he liked seeing the flag of his country.

"All the Chinese students are very proud of that," he said.

Seeing the flags of their home countries will make international students "feel they're part of the university," said Zhou, who volunteers for the Winthrop international center.

Zhou designed a section for the international center Web site dedicated to the country flags.

The section, called "Flags on Alumni Drive," shows the flags and the names of the countries they represent.

The country flags, Zhou said, also show the Rock Hill community that Winthrop has international students.

"People will know there's a lot of international students who graduated from Winthrop," Zhou said.

Lindsey Hill, international student adviser at Winthrop, agrees.

"It's good ... to show we have so many nationalities in our school," she said. "Winthrop is not only about Rock Hill, South Carolina and the United States."

To see which flags are represented on Alumni Drive, visit www.winthrop.edu/ internationalcenter.