Fort Mill man charged with huffing gas

YORK -- A Fort Mill man was arrested this week after police said he was huffing gasoline as he walked down the street.

Authorities on Wednesday charged Frankie Shane Pickerell, 31, of 1936 Dam Road with glue sniffing, aromatic hydrocarbons -- a charge that falls under the umbrella of glue sniffing, police said.

Pickerell's huffing charge is a rarity, one that has not been seen by the county's drug enforcement unit in a decade, said commander Marvin Brown. People can be charged for inhaling liquid correction paper, such as Wite-Out, glue, spray paint or aerosol.

"They're buying it at stores and using it to get high," Brown said. "It's dangerous. People have actually died from inhaling aerosol. Who knows how huffing gas affects people. It could result in permanent injury or death."

Around 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Pickerell was walking along Dam Road, where authorities saw him inhaling gasoline from a container, according to a report from York County Sheriff's Office.

Pickerell told police that he did not realize that sniffing gasoline was illegal, according to the report. It further notes that Pickerell said he was on his property and not the road.

On Thursday, a judge set bond at $470 for Pickerell. He remained in custody Thursday night at York County Detention Center.