Two-minute Tuesday:

With Halloween approaching, Rock Hill Police are preparing for a busy Friday night.

To be sure the evening offers more treats than tricks, police are asking parents to take precautions with their children.

The Herald talked to Rock Hill traffic unit officer Roy Ramsey about what police are doing to keep everyone safe this Halloween and how parents can help.

What should parents do to ensure the safety of their children on Halloween?

Be aware of any sex offenders that might be in your particular area. You wouldn't want your kids going to those houses.

How do you know where those houses are?

You can go to the York County Sheriff's Office Web site (www.yorkcountysheriff.com) and you can look up those (addresses).

What else should parents do?

You can go with your children or have them escorted by a responsible adult. ...

You don't want them going in stranger's houses. ... You want to trick-or-treat at well-lit locations. You would like for your kids to carry their flashlight or these glow stick necklaces, glow stick bracelets, any kind of reflective clothing. ...

You want to inspect the kids' candy. ... You don't want anything that's loosely wrapped like it may have been homemade. I wouldn't let my kids eat that stuff, either. ...

When you're out walking, you want to make sure the adult is the closest person to the road. ... When you're driving through these neighbor-hoods, make sure you slow your speeds down.

What are some things parents should not do on Halloween?

Don't let your kids go out alone, especially young kids. ... If they say they're going with some of their friends, you might want to think twice about that.

Make sure there's a responsible adult with those children because we all know there are some bad people out there.

What will police do to ensure Halloween goes safely?

We'll do what we normally do. We'll patrol the neighborhoods, we'll be making sure ... kids are out having a good time, going door to door, getting their candy.