What would life be like with Obama in the White House?

York County voters who favor Democratic candidate Barack Obama cite different reasons, but at least one trend is clear: They're unhappy with the country's direction under President Bush.

Interviews with a dozen people from around the county suggest Obama's support isn't based on any particular issue or policy, but rather the broad themes and impressions conveyed by his campaign.

Chief among them is the need for a different style of leadership in Washington.

"A lot of things need to change," said 27-year-old Josh Davis of York. "We can't go through another term like what we're going through now."

Health care weighed heavily on the minds of many Obama voters. Some doctors and nurses said the next president should expand coverage and put more focus on preventive care.

"We see too many people who don't have insurance," said Tega Cay's Kathy Thomas, a registered nurse at Carolinas Medical Center in Pineville, N.C. "We have to figure out a way to take care of these people. I'd like to see everybody have the ability to have health care."

Obama trailed Republican rival John McCain by 20 points in a recent South Carolina poll taken by Winthrop University and ETV. But some Democrats think the margin will be tighter in York County because voters are seeing Obama's TV commercials in Charlotte.

In the June 10 primary, Obama earned 9,020 votes in York County, besting second-place finisher Hillary Clinton by 2,053 votes.

Many voters said they simply want a break from the past. A grandmother of four, Doris Luckadoo of Tega Cay said she has voted for Republicans in previous elections. But not this year.

"I'm ready for a change," Luckadoo said. "Couldn't be worse."

Echoing that view, Fort Mill voter Tiha Harris said she was disappointed in McCain's failure to lay out his own vision for the country. Harris said she typically votes Republican.

"He kept talking about what Obama couldn't do," Harris said. "That was his whole platform. What is your plan? What are you going to do for the middle class? He never said."

Harris sided with Obama, saying his positive message left a better impression than the skepticism she heard from his opponent.

What readers said about an Obama administration

I think Obama would be a better choice financially. We see too many people who don't have insurance. We have to figure out a way to take care of these people."

-- Kathy Thomas, registered nurse from Tega Cay

"If you have a terminal illness in this country and you don't have the right health care, you can't get the care that you need. I'd like it to be a right that we have instead of just a privilege."

-- Susan Maxson, sales administrator from Rock Hill

"I listened to both McCain and Obama. A lot of things need to change. We can't go through another term like what we're going through now."

-- Josh Davis, student from Rock Hill