On the ballot

President / Vice President

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente - Green

John McCain/Sarah Palin - Republican

Bob Barr/Wayne Root - Libertarian

Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez - Petition

Barack Obama/Joe Biden - Democrat

Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle - Constitution

U.S. Senate

Lindsey Graham - Republican

Bob Conley - Democrat

U.S. House District 5

Albert Spencer - Republican

John Spratt - Democrat

Frank Waggoner - Constitution

Solicitor Circuit 16

Kevin Brackett - Republican

Philip Jamieson - Democrat

State Senate District 16

Mick Mulvaney - Republican

Mandy Powers Norrell - Democrat

State Senate District 17

Mark Bennett - Republican

Creighton Coleman - Democrat

State House District 29

Danny Stacy - Republican

Dennis Moss - Democrat

State House District 45

Deborah Long - Republican

Fred Thomas - Democrat

State House District 46

Gary Simrill - Republican

Herb Crump - Democrat

State House District 49

Marvin Rogers - Republican

John King - Democrat

York County Coroner

Sabrina Gast - Republican

Pete Skidmore - Democrat

York County Council District 1

Paul Lindemann - Republican

Marion Davenport - Democrat

Bryan Smith - Green

York County Council District 3

Joe Cox - Republican

Eddie Lee - Democrat

York County Council District 4

Tom Hardin - Republican

Roy Blake - Democrat

York County Council District 7

Rick Lee - Republican

Chad Williams - Democrat

Clover School Board Trustee At Large

Steve Brown

Bryan R Ghent

Melanie Wood Wilson

Rock Hill School Board Trustee Seat 3

Deborah Broome

Mildred Douglas

Rock Hill School Board Trustee At Large

Jose Brito

Lance Fillet

David Griffin

Bob Norwood

Fort Mill School Board Trustees (two seats)

Chantay Bouler

Dennis Nifong

Scott Patterson

Fort Mill Town Council Ward 2

Ronnie Helms

Terry Hudson

State Constitutional Amendment 1

Delete the age of consent provision from the constitution.

State Constitutional Amendment 2

Allow the state to invest trust funds -- set up to pay for post-employment benefits for state government and school district retirees -- in stocks.

State Constitutional Amendment 3

Same as Amendment 2, except as it applies to local government retirees.

Local Question 1

York County Sunday Alcohol Sales

Local Question 2

City of Tega Cay Sunday Beer and WIne Sales

On the ballot: the races and questions on York County ballots today