2-minute Tuesday: Lynn Moody, Superintendent of Rock Hill Schools

When teams from South Pointe and Northwestern high schools face off at Clemson University on Friday for the Class AAAA Division II state football championship, Moody will be in a tricky spot.

The Rock Hill schools chief will attend the game with her senior staff, but unlike most fans, she'll have to be careful when she cheers. Moody spoke to The Herald about her dilemma.

Which team will you support?

I will be pulling for both teams. I will honestly tell you that I have enjoyed watching all three teams play this year. (Rock Hill High lost in the semifinals of the Class AAAA Division I championships last week.) I really pull for all three. I prefer when they're not playing each other.

Given that both teams are local, do you think the game should be played in Rock Hill instead of at Clemson's Death Valley?

Yes, I do. I appreciate the opportunity for our students to play on a collegiate field, but for our fans' sake, I'd love for it to be played here so everybody could attend. I think we'd have a bigger crowd. (But) the high school league makes that call.

Does the success of our local teams justify the new turf field at District Three Stadium? (The $700,000 expense generated a wave of controversy.)

(Laughter) I'm leaving that one alone. I'll let people make their own decision about that. At the end of the day, obviously, having good coaches, wonderful facilities and all those things -- those are pieces of the puzzle. I wish I could say it's because of the turf. That's probably the most controversial thing I've done since I've become superintendent. I've taken some pretty hard hits for that.

Where are you going to sit in Death Valley?

I'm going to try to find a neutral area, maybe in the end zone. I may rotate each quarter or something. I've got to figure out something between now and Friday.