Take a moment today to reach out to others

DAY 11

The Herald found 12 days' worth of things you can do for yourself, your family or for others to make this Christmas just that much better:

For others

As you go about last-minute holiday preparations today, take a moment to reach out to another person.

If you're stuck in traffic, smile at the person in the car beside you or let someone pull out of a parking lot ahead of you.

Invite someone to Christmas dinner who has no family in the area.

At the store, let someone in line ahead of you who may only have a few items.

Help an older adult or a mother with children load groceries or shopping bags into their car.

Look around for other opportunities to make another person's day brighter.

For you and your family

Take time today to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas -- attend a Christmas Eve service. Many local churches offer services. Check inside today's Herald for a complete listing.

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