Fort Mill woman hopes for return of stolen Jesus and Wise Man

FORT MILL TOWNSHIP -- A couple of things are missing from Sarah Totherow's manger scene.

On Tuesday morning, the Fort Mill woman noticed that her baby Jesus was gone, as was one of her Wise Men.

"I've lived here so many years and never had anything like this before," she said. "I hope whoever did this, every time they shut their eyes, they would see Jesus."

Totherow has set up a crèche every year in the yard of her home on Old Nation Road for as long as she can remember. The two stolen figures can't be replaced, she said, because she bought them four or five years ago from Carolina Pottery, which has since closed.

She's had other crèche figures in the past, but the stolen figures are larger than the ones she's used before.

"They weren't cheap, either," she said.

Usually, Totherow said, she set up her manger scene in the middle of her yard; this year, she put it only a few feet from her front porch.

"Someone had to come all the way up to the house to do it," she said.

Neither the Fort Mill Police Department nor the York County Sheriff's Office have received reports about stolen crèche figures this year, according to employees who answered the phones at the law enforcement agencies.

None of Totherow's neighbors have lost any of their holiday decorations, she said.

"It's bad when you've got to put cameras up all over outside, but it's getting to that point," Totherow said. "I'm just glad they didn't damage anything."

Anyone with information about the stolen figures can make a report with the sheriff's office at 803-628-3059.