York County welcome sign under construction on I-77

A new sign welcoming travelers to York County and the state of South Carolina is expected to be unveiled later this month – putting the county on par with at least one other county located at the state line.

Construction of the 40-foot wide sign – near the Carowinds Boulevard exit in the Fort Mill area – began last month, which features a bottom panel reading, “Welcome to South Carolina,” with a top portion displaying York County’s rising sun logo.

The state’s iconic palmetto and crescent moon design adorns the left and right ends of the sign.

“We don’t have any welcome signs coming down from Interstate 77 from Charlotte,” said Roger Sears, a project manager with the state Department of Transportation, which has been overseeing construction.

Sears pointed out several other signs at entry points into the state such as one in Aiken County, which borders Georgia.

DOT staff worked closely with York County staff on design work, with public feedback on the final option chosen. Sears said the sign will serve a dual purpose of getting travelers acquainted with all that York County has to offer, while providing a “positive” welcome to the state.

The county solicited a grant from the Transportation Enhancement Program for the signage – which will cost $100,000, $30,000 of which is being covered by county taxpayers. The rest will be covered by federal money.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed at the end of April, but delays with a contractor pushed back the completion of the project to the end of June.