Speedo-wearing Fort Mill teens chronicled Walmart adventure on social media

A lost bet sent two teens wearing only the stars and stripes into four Tega Cay area businesses Monday night before police halted the patriotic display.

The teens’ visits to a QuikTrip, Hardee’s, Pelicans SnoBalls and Walmart drew attention not because of the apparel’s theme. Rather, the teens’ skimpy outfits caught the eyes of customers, employees, and eventually, the police.

The pair were only wearing Speedos and sunglasses.

Fort Mill teens Houston Vandiver and Michael Pearson chronicled the night on various social media accounts. Vandiver was on the graduation list for Nation Ford High School in May and Pearson was on the list for Fort Mill High School.

Neither could be reached for comment.

Early in the night, Vandiver posted on his Twitter account, “Anybody wanna chill with me and mike (sic)?” Shortly after, short video clips created on the Vine app show Vandiver and Pearson in Speedos, first at a QuikTrip convenience store to get a drink.

“I’m feeling patriotic today,” Pearson says in the video.

In the next video, the pair are at Hardee’s.

“What’s that smell?” Vandiver asks, fully clothed, before the shot cuts away. In the next shot, he’s just in the Speedo.

“Freedom,” he says, and Hardee’s employees appear to laugh behind the counter.

Then, they move on to Pelican’s SnoBalls. Another Twitter user, who saw the pair at Pelican’s, calls Pearson’s Speedo “infamous.”

The duo appears to move on to Walmart, where an employee called police to report “male suspects running around in only underwear.” The employee said Vandiver was being “loud, boisterous and offensive,” according to a police report. Several customers were offended “by what they witnessed.”

A Vine video shows Pearson and Vandiver walking through the store. It then shows Pearson saying, “Houston just got caught.”

A series of Instagram photos and tweets from Pearson show him hiding from police officers, behind a dumpster and next to a car before making it home safely.

“Made it home safe followers. Tune in next time for the adventures of (Pearson),” he tweeted, following with “#RIPHouston.”

Vandiver didn’t make it home on Monday night. He was charged with disorderly conduct and released Tuesday morning on a personal recognizance bond, which means he promises to appear at a scheduled court date. He told officers he had lost a bet, and he and another teen had to run through the Walmart in Speedos, the report stated.

After he was released, Vandiver tweeted a picture of himself, tongue out, court papers in hand.

“WHATS (sic) THAT SMELL?! #FREEDOM,” he tweeted. A few minutes later, he posted this, “I’m not in any trouble guys. No worries.”