Doby’s Bridge? Dobys Bridge? Doby Bridge? Fort Mill seeks clarity on road name

Town officials are considering changing the name of Doby’s Bridge Road where it intersects a new bypass.

The new Fort Mill Parkway – originally called the Fort Mill Southern Bypass – will intersect Doby’s Bridge Road in two places, prompting city planners and emergency management officials to propose “a very minor name change” – South Doby’s Bridge Road from the bypass to U.S. 521 and North Doby’s Bridge Road from the bypass to S.C. 160.

At a recent Town Council meeting, Councilman Tom Adams took the discussion about the road’s name back to a longer-standing point of contention: Is it Doby’s, Dobys or Doby Bridge Road? Adams prefers Doby’s.

“It’ll be whatever it is now,” planning director Joe Cronin said.

Signs along the road – which stretches south and east from the town – include all three spellings. Years back, city leaders determined that Doby’s was the proper spelling.

Still, when the topic of Doby’s Bridge Road comes up at a Town Council or Fort Mill school board meeting, the apostrophe is often part of the debate.

Last year, the school board recommended naming one of two new schools Dobys Bridge Elementary School, concerned the apostrophe could disrupt emergency dispatch and GPS mapping. After hearing public reaction to the name, the board named the school Doby’s Bridge Elementary.

Councilwoman Guynn Savage made note of the recent traffic at the bypass and Doby’s Bridge Road, saying what seemed to be on the minds of several others in attendance.

“I don’t care what you call it,” she said. “If you can travel on it sometime in the near future, that would be great.”