York victim finds man with pantyhose on head in parents’ bedroom

A man waiting for his parents to come home from a party found a strange man with pantyhose on his head in their bedroom.

The 18-year-old told York police he was sleeping on his parents’ couch on Wainwright Avenue when he was awakened by sounds coming from their bedroom. He got up to speak to them, only to discover a man “wearing a stocking or legging as a mask, a red shirt with a large black emblem, thick cold weather gloves, and (he) believed he had a beard,” according to a report.

The intruder reportedly hit the young man in the face with a “cold hard object,” leaving a visible bruise, then pushed him aside as he ran out of the house with several of the man’s parents’ belongings. A second man was reportedly waiting outside and also ran when he saw someone was home.

A K9 unit was called to the scene but was unable to follow a trail due to several residents “approaching the scene in order to find out what was going on,” according to the incident report.

The masked man reportedly made off with several watches, $500 in U.S. currency plus another 4,000 Mexican pesos, as well as a small safe containing Social Security cards, passports, birth certificates, a marriage license, titles to two cars and 57 hydrocodone pills. The items are valued at a total of $5,600, without taking the exchange rate of the pesos into consideration.