Reaction to Gov. Haley’s roads plan is mixed: A good start or not workable?

‘A good starting point’

“It’s a good offer, a good starting point, and I look forward to working with her. I agree with her on all three points of the plan. We need to tweak it a little bit to make it to where we can pass it, but it’s a good first start. …The heaviest lift would probably be the (Transportation Department) restructuring and how to do it.”

— Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, R-Gaffney

‘Fixing our ... roads ... tremendously important’

“Education reform and infrastructure repairs are two of the most challenging economic issues we face. ... Fixing our crumbling roads system is also tremendously important as it directly impacts economic development, which leads to job creation and higher wages.”

— House Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington

‘We will work with her’

“The good news is the governor has told us tonight that she wants to work with the General Assembly to come up with a great solution. ... A 10-year plan on a phase-out of (2 percentage points of the) income tax is laudable goal. ... We have pressing needs that must take immediate action when it comes to our roads and so we will work with her in all ways to make sure that we come up with a plan.”

— Assistant Majority Leader Gary Simrill, R-Rock Hill, chairman of the House transportation committee

‘Drop in the bucket’

“It’s just a drop in the bucket to solving the problem. ... There’s many ways to do it, but this is just not going to deal with the real magnitude of the problem that we have.”

— Senate Minority Leader Nikki Setzler, D-Lexington

‘That is not a plan’

“Nobody clapped when she announced her plan. ... Republicans and Democrats feel handcuffed. We want ideas. We want to fix our roads, our constituents are demanding it, and that is not a plan to do it.”

— House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford, D-Richland

‘Short of ... a plan that is workable’

“I was a little bit disappointed in it because ... she didn’t tell us where she was proposing to make the cuts (in the state budget). … She stops short of actually giving us a plan that is workable if she doesn’t tell us where she proposes to make the cuts.”

— Rep. Russell Ott, D-Calhoun, on the House transportation committee

‘Acknowledged ... we have a serious problem’

“She acknowledged publicly in a significant manner that we have a serious problem that’s got to be addressed, so hopefully moving forward we can get the House engaged and finally come out with something that can go to the Senate and get passed this year that would be beneficial as far as finding a solution.”

Bill Ross, head of the S.C. Alliance to Fix Our Roads

‘Pass it quickly’

“We hope that the Legislature will take the governor’s plan seriously and pass it quickly. South Carolina’s infrastructure is crumbling and the road map outlined by these recommendations will not only improve roads but the quality of life for South Carolinians.”

S.C. Club for Growth, a group of fiscal conservatives