Video: ‘Big A’ sheriff and ‘Little A’ pal appear on NBC show

The taped episode of “The Meredith Vieira Show” on NBC that featured Chester County Sheriff Alex “Big A” Underwood and his 9-year-old hunting pal from Pennsylvania, Alex “Little A” Collins, aired Monday.

Underwood was given four tickets to see his favorite NBA player and team – Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers – when the Lakers come to Charlotte in March.

Little A also received some wares from the network.

Underwood’s office was hosting a hunting and fishing trip in December for children who previously had no chance to enjoy the outdoors. It posted the trip on the Facebook page of the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Alex, his mother and even his teacher thought the trip was taking place in Chester County, Pa., so Alex applied for it. He said that his mother was sick and was a single parent, and that he had nobody to take him hunting. Alex begged to go on the trip.

So when he found out the trip was in South Carolina, Alex was heartbroken.

Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh in Chester, Pa., found out about the mix-up and called Underwood, a friend. The two arranged for Alex to fly to South Carolina after Christmas. Alex spent three days there hunting and fishing with Underwood. He also received new gear, and even stayed at the sheriff’s house.

The love shown to a child who wanted to go hunting, and the work of the adults who made it happen, spread from The Herald to readers worldwide via the Internet.

NBC then paid to bring Alex, Underwood and Welsh to New York to tape the segment in the middle of January.