Scholarships, grants awarded in honor of late Winthrop professor

Cynthia Furr may have died in a car crash in 2009, but more scholarships and grants have been awarded by a foundation that bears her name to keep the Winthrop University professor’s legacy of lifelong learning alive.

Furr, 45, her 2-year-old daughter, Mackie, and 13-year-old Hunter Holt of Clover, died in the April 2009 crash on N.C. 49. Two other drivers were drag racing at speeds of 100 mph, police have said, when one of them struck Furr’s car.

Furr was a Winthrop English professor, a lover of music and the arts. Her family is from Chester County.

After Furr’s death, her parents and sister started a foundation to give scholarships to aspiring teachers and art and music students who pursue higher education. The CindyMackie Foundation also provides grants to teachers and schools to help them promote the arts.

Over the past five years, the foundation has given out more than $85,000 to students in and around York County.

Sharon Furr said the foundation keeps alive her sister’s mantra: “You can be anything you want to be!”

This year, scholarships and grants went to:


Lauren Jones

, a senior at York Comprehensive High School who will attend Winthrop University in the fall. She will study both English literature and Spanish and hopes to become a librarian.


Academy Christian School

, Rock Hill. The grant will be used to build a library at the school.


Academy for Teaching and Learning

, a public charter school in Chester County. The grant will help the school build a library and performing arts center.