Winthrop student ‘clipped’ by car near campus still makes class

The threat of nearly a foot of snow and messy winter weather – which didn’t happen as forecasters predicted – stopped Thursday morning classes at Winthrop University, but an inattentive driver who “clipped” a student crossing a street on Wednesday afternoon couldn’t keep her from hitting the books.

Winthrop’s police department is investigating the incident from Wednesday where a 20-year-old student was “clipped” by a car while walking on Oakland Avenue in front of campus, according to police records.

The student called Campus Police after the incident but told officers she wasn’t injured and she was going on to class. University records show the student is majoring in sociology. She later visited Winthrop’s Campus Police Department where she gave a statement.

Police say the student was using a pedestrian crosswalk on Oakland Avenue around 2 p.m. when a dark blue car made a left-hand turn from a campus one-way road onto the four-lane street. She told officers that the car’s driver-side window clipped her book-bag, nearly knocking her over.

The driver kept going toward Cherry Road, police say.

The student got the vehicle’s license plate number and told police that the car had tinted windows and gold rims. Winthrop officers say detectives have figured out which car was involved, based on information from the victim, but have not yet located the driver.

The incident report states that the car is a 2005 two-door Toyota Scion, with a South Carolina license plate. Police have not yet determined whether the driver is affiliated with Winthrop or was just visiting campus.