Pooches lend paws for ‘puppy love’ in Rock Hill

Pups lend paws for prints, treats at Valentine's event in Rock Hill

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An oversized black schnauzer sniffed around a table full of treats, toy coupons and oversized Valentine’s Day cards.

All he had to do was lend his giant paw to Petsmart employee Kaylin Sanford. Like dozens of pooches around the pet store Saturday, he was having his paw print stamped onto a Valentine’s Day card for the “Puppy Love” event.

He refused. But he did enjoy the head rubs and a treat. And his owner got free coupons for food and treats.

Another fluffy giant dog, Jake, was more compliant. He even raised his paw, twice. One nicely groomed pup peered at her pawprint through trimmed bangs, while another younger puppy tried to chew on Sanford’s nose.

He wiggled around when he was done to find other adventures and dogs to sniff around the store.