Water and traffic flowing again in Fort Mill

A water main break in Fort Mill has caused an outage in the Whiteville Park area
A water main break in Fort Mill has caused an outage in the Whiteville Park area Lake Wylie Pilot photo

Water pressure has been restored after a water main break in Fort Mill threatened some residents in Whiteville Park.

A little before 2 p.m. Tuesday, town spokesperson Caroline Hasty said there wouldn’t be a boil water notice needed and that system pressure didn’t drop significantly. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines pressure loss for a municipal system as anything below 20 pounds per square inch.

Hasty said the incident in Whiteville Park never made it below that point.

“A residential tap needed to be fixed,” she said. “There was no significant pressure dropped.”

Hydrants were flowed for the safety of crew members and to flush out any potential contamination.

The town tweeted information Tuesday morning stating the break happened along Summersby Street in Whiteville Park.

The town warned some residents could experience low pressure throughout the day. Town leaders told residents to expect traffic delays on Springs and East Elliott streets as crews worked. Traffic was being directed there.

The incident was the second time in about a month Whiteville Park residents had water line issues. Repairs were needed to a valve on Feb. 16, causing low to no water pressure that morning. That repair took several hours.

At the same time crews were working on the water issue, Fort Mill police were asking residents to avoid Spratt Street if possible. Power was knocked out in the area after a car crash. Crews were on the scene making repairs.

An overturned vehicle led to a power pole in the road, closing Spratt at Brickyard Road. Traffic was re-routed to Harris Street.

At about 2 p.m., police said roads were back open to traffic on a normal basis.