They clashed at the Fort Mill post office. One pulled a knife. Was it self defense?

An altercation outside the Fort Mill Post Office led to one man pulling a knife on another.
An altercation outside the Fort Mill Post Office led to one man pulling a knife on another.

Two drivers nearly collided in the Fort Mill post office parking lot, sparking an argument that led to one pulling a knife on the other, according to a Fort Mill Police Department report.

Police arrived a little after noon Tuesday in response to a fight. A 31-year-old Fort Mill man in line told police he’d been in an argument in the parking lot, but that nothing physical occurred. A witness told police she saw two men arguing in the parking lot and that the man in line pulled a knife on the other.

Officers took a knife from the man, who told them he pulled it out after a vehicle backing up in the parking lot almost hit his vehicle as he was pulling into the post office. The man threw his hands in the air, then parked before the other driver, who is 56, turned around and followed him. Both drivers told police a verbal argument ensued.

The man who said he pulled the knife to police he went to his vehicle to get it, then approached the older man because he felt like he was going to be assaulted, according to the report. The man with the knife told police he pulled it out as the other man was getting out of his vehicle because he was “older, scary and bigger than him.”

When the older man stumbled, the man with the knife put it away, grabbed his package and went into the post office, he told police.

The 56 year old was at a nearby grocery store by the time police got in touch with him. He and his wife told them the younger man “came flying in behind him” as he was backing out and almost struck their vehicle. The older man said the younger cussed at him, flipped him off and parked.

As the older man was getting out of his vehicle, he told police, the other man walked toward and stopped him, continued cussing and pulled the knife before asking the older man “if he wanted to get stabbed.” The man with the knife “was threatening him and smiling the whole time,” the older man told police. He told police he closed his door and drove away after seeing the knife.

The witness from inside the post office told police she saw both men yelling at each other, then one of them pull the knife. The other man, she said, opened his door and said, “Oh, you’re going to stab me. I’m right here. I’m right here.” The man with the knife didn’t try to stab the other man, the witness told police.

Police didn’t arrest either man, determining the man with the knife was acting out of self-defense.