Rock Hill eyes airport industrial park, seafood market, fast food, gas station, more.

Rock Hill SC plans include industrial park, restaurant

Rock Hill SC plans include industrial park near airport, restaurant, gas station. City approval is needed.
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Rock Hill SC plans include industrial park near airport, restaurant, gas station. City approval is needed.

The Rock Hill-York County Airport area could get a good deal busier in coming months. Planes may have nothing to do with it.

Rock Hill Economic Development Corp. and five owners want to rezone 133 acres to create a new industrial park off Celanese Road and Heckle Boulevard. The site now is home to the Rock Hill Coca-Cola distribution center, an Action Stainless & Alloys manufacturing and distribution facility and 110 undeveloped acres.

The Project Aspen site, also hemmed in by Hollis Lakes Road, has homes and businesses surrounding it along with the Rock Hill airport. A rail line running along its northern edge is inactive. Plans are to develop an industrial park using the 133 acres and adjoining land already zoned for industrial use.

The entire industrial park would be 210 acres.

Submitted plans show almost half the space, right at 100 acres, would be used for manufacturing. City zoning would allow up to 2 million square feet of manufacturing space there within a decade-long buildout. The 50 acres of residential space would add up to 187 units within five years. There are 25 commercial acres at up to 250,000 square feet.

The project also involves 44 acres of institutional or public use space, and 22 acres of open space.

A submitted sit plan shows 12 buildings. Half sit on either side of a proposed connector road from Celanese to Heckle, roughly bisecting the property. The largest buildings are close to 300,000 square feet. The smallest are less than 100,000 square feet.

The property was rezoned in 1999 to make sure future uses would be compatible with the nearby airport. Part of the property along Hollis Lakes was rezoned in January, and part on Heckle was annexed into Rock Hill in October. The property sits within an airport overlay and multiple protection zones that determine what sight, sound and other impacts the airport and neighbors may have on one another. There are height and other building limits so close to the airport.

Leaders discuss runway extension at Rock Hill York County SC airport. The runway is too short for major corporate travel.

A public hearing on the rezoning comes July 9 with the city planning commission. That group has several more items to consider, including:

Owners of almost four acres at 1350 East Main St. want to annex and rezone the property for a new drive-thru restaurant and outparcel business. Net Lease Development applied for the decision. A 6,000 square foot building and several tanks on the property now would be removed. The site is on the southern side of East Main, west of Firetower Road.

A concept plan submitted to the city lists the restaurant as a Popeyes.

InChem Rock Hill LLC owns more than two acres at 2764 Cherry Road where Circle K wants to put a new gas station. The site at the corner of Cherry and Cel-river Road now stores trucks and trailers.

The gas station would be more than 5,000 square feet. It would include an 18-bay fuel canopy. A concept plan shows the main store angled to face both Cherry and Cel-river, with parking and the fuel bays behind it. The site would have access on both main roads fronting it.

Family Trust Federal Credit Union wants to rezone less than an acre beside its 225 West White St. main building to add another ATM drive-thru lane. The property sits along Peachtree Street. Adding it to property already zoned for the use would let Family Trust add an ATM lane and a bypass lane.

A Rock Hill seafood market could move to 635 Dave Lyle Boulevard, pending a rezoning of more than an acre there.

Salt Water Seafood Market is at 101 West White St. now, right where former Herald building redevelopment plans include new senior living space. A real estate agent representing the company applied for the zoning change on an undeveloped parcel on Dave Lyle. It now has a building and outdoor storage area for Norfolk Southern Railroad Co.

A sketch plan shows a 3,500-square-foot building facing Dave Lyle with access off North Trade Street. Parking sits behind the building, with a possible 2,400-square-foot retail building opposite the seafood market site.

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