Fort Mill police saw 11 car break-ins in a day. Here’s what they say will stop them.

Fort Mill police want residents to be mindful, and lock their vehicles, after a rash of break-ins.

The Fort Mill Police Department page on Facebook posted a message Thursday afternoon. There were 11 auto break-ins reported in a 24-hour span. In each instance, the vehicle was left unlocked.

Police ask residents to lock vehicles and remove valuable items. Police also ask for information on the break-ins. Anyone with it can call 803-547-2022.

The post didn’t mention where the break-ins occurred, or whether they appear to be related. Maj. Bryan Zachary said Thursday afternoon reports are still in process and there isn’t much additional information available. The incidents were close, he said, but not a single neighborhood.

“Within the same general area but not all in the same neighborhood,” he said.

Fort Mill and other police have long-advised residents to keep vehicles locked. Several instances of entire neighborhoods or areas falling victim to break-ins have occurred.

Earlier this year several vehicles parked at the Anne Springs Close Greenway had items taken, with credit cards taken and owners charged with almost $10,000 in purchases they didn’t make. Last year, a rash of two dozen break-ins in a week included stolen guns.

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