Study shows South Carolina is 5th fattest state in nation

In a study recently released by the personal finance website WalletHub, South Carolina was ranked as the 5th fattest state in America.

With hearty-eating holidays approaching and November being National Diabetes Awareness Month, the study set out to find where weight issues were the most prevalent and to attempt to encourage Americans to re-evaluate lifestyles, WalletHub analysts said.

Analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 12 metrics including the percentage of adults and children who are overweight and obese to the amount of sugary drinks consumed by adolescents.

On a scale of one being the worst and 25 being average, South Carolina ranked:

▪  10th in percentage of adults who are obese.

▪  8th in percentage of children who are overweight.

▪  2nd in percentage of children who are obese.

▪  18th in percentage of residents who are physically active.

▪  4th in percentage of residents with high cholesterol.

▪  5th in percentage of adults eating less than one serving of fruits and vegetables per day.

▪  7th in percentage of residents with diabetes.

▪  3rd in percentage of residents with hypertension.

Source: WalletHub