Judge rules for Rock Hill police, dismisses lawsuit by woman claiming illegal genital cavity search

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Rock Hill police where a woman alleged an illegal strip and body cavity search, saying police video and audio shows officers did not strip the woman and did not touch her private parts.

Angela Ruth Doctor, who according to court documents admitted to having marijuana in her waistband during court depositions, alleged in the lawsuit that when stopped in 2012, she was forced to strip and assaulted when touched inappropriately by a female officer.

Rock Hill police denied the allegations, and this week a judge threw the case out.

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Shiva Hodges wrote that the video and audio evidence submitted by police from vehicle dashcams and recorders showed that the allegations against officer Sarah Blair and others did not happen as alleged.

“The video reveals that Blair (the female officer) did not take off the plaintiff’s pants or underwear or command plaintiff to do so.”

The judge also wrote that Blair did not touch Doctor’s genitals as had been alleged in the lawsuit. More, the search that was done was voluntary after Doctor pulled down her pants, the ruling states.

According to the officer who pulled over Doctor and “undisputed by” Doctor, “after he advised plaintiff she would be searched, she removed a plastic baggie containing marijuana roaches from the front of her pants” the order dismissing the lawsuit states. Additionally, the order states that at no time was Doctor unclothed outside the patrol car.

Doctor had sued the city of Rock Hill, the police department, and both officers involved in the stop.

Police officials who conducted an investigation and denied all allegations, declined to comment on the ruling that dismisses the case.

Efforts to reach Doctor’s lawyer to learn whether Doctor would appeal the ruling were unsuccessful.